• Question: Is it a dirty job?

    Asked by Jacksepticeye to Ray, John G, Ashley, Laura, Catherine on 10 Nov 2014. This question was also asked by 466enea52.
    • Photo: John Ging

      John Ging answered on 10 Nov 2014:

      Although it can be, depending on what you do.
      My job is mostly desk based but even out on site, everything is fairly clean.
      Its important to have sites as clean as possible for health and safety reasons.

    • Photo: Ray Alcorn

      Ray Alcorn answered on 10 Nov 2014:

      Engineer comes from the French word Ingenue which means Ingenious…. nothing to do with engines.

      So whilst you might think engineering is a dirty job, generally it is not. Sure there are some jobs which are very hands on but then on the other hand there are some of the cleanest jobs available. Go into a micro-electronics fabrication lab and you will be in a super clean room.

    • Photo: Ashley Culbert

      Ashley Culbert answered on 10 Nov 2014:

      I don’t have a dirty job but I sometimes get wet when I’m on site.

    • Photo: Laura Tobin

      Laura Tobin answered on 11 Nov 2014:

      No, not really although my lab can be dirty some times.

    • Photo: Catherine Conaghan

      Catherine Conaghan answered on 11 Nov 2014:

      Nope, thankfully! Or I think I would be reconsidering my job 🙂