• Question: laura your job sounds fun are the hours your own pick

    Asked by lauren to Laura on 19 Nov 2014.
    • Photo: Laura Tobin

      Laura Tobin answered on 19 Nov 2014:

      Thanks Lauren! I love it. It is fun and really interesting but I’m not going to lie sometimes it hard work & frustrating. It’s totally worth it though.

      I generally try and work a 9 – 5 week but that’s not always possible, sometimes I need to work late to finish an experiment or I leave early as the materials that I need to use, need to set. The odd time I’ll go into the lab on a Saturday as it’s nice and quiet and there isn’t a queue to use some of the equipment. I love that I have flexibility, so if I need some time off, it’s not an issue as long as I don’t have an important meeting booked. If I do take time off, I generally make it up later in the week. The only thing is, I’m always online, so I’m constantly checking and replying to e-mails which can take up so much time.