• Question: What large European engineering projects have you worked on?

    Asked by Amy_walsh00 to Catherine on 21 Nov 2014.
    • Photo: Catherine Conaghan

      Catherine Conaghan answered on 21 Nov 2014:

      Hi Amy, a couple of large EU projects that I manage for my company:

      1) VerySchool -This link will bring you to the main page http://www.veryschool.eu/ It’s a web tool that was developed for energy management in schools and to test different energy solutions on a “simulated” model of the school building (think of a building that you see in a video game). We tested it using schools in Italy, Portugal and Russia. The project was three years long and it finishing up next week actually, so I’m very busy writing reports for it at the moment! Then we will go to Lisbon in January to present all of the results from the project to the European Commission.

      Energy in Time – http://www.energyintime.eu/ This is a huge project and takes up most of my time at the moment. There are 13 different companies involved, and it’s four years long. We have four demo sites that we testing this on in Faro airport in Portugal, Offices in Romania and Helsinki and a hotel in Lapland – which I get to visit next year, so I am looking forward to that! 🙂